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If only charging one mobile device from another had the same boring predictability of plugging a charger into a wall outlet. Instead, you have a few basic rules of USB charging that often get bent or broken — thanks to the different flavors of USB connectors shipped since the Universal Serial Bus's debut in the late '90s.

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First, any laptop that's awake should charge any device plugged into it, even if the computer isn't plugged into the wall. This almost always works — but a grossly obsolete Dell running Windows XP don't ask failed to charge an iPad mini and only started the flow of electricity to an Android phone after taking a minute or so to recognize that device as a form of external storage. If the laptop is asleep but plugged in, it should also still be able to charge a mobile gadget — that was the case with a MacBook Air and a vintage ThinkPad.

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But certain power-management settings in Windows can obstruct that as well in strange ways, and it's not hard to find reports from Mac users of equally mysterious charging failures. What if the laptop is asleep and running on battery?

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Some Windows laptops will let you get away with that, courtesy of USB ports that continue to channel power under those conditions — and even if the computer's shut down. The trick there is knowing what to look for, as there's no standard way to indicate this feature. For instance, that ThinkPad's sole "Always On" port has a yellow interior, while Dell PowerShare and Toshiba Sleep-and-Charge ports bear a tiny lightning-bolt icon on a Mac, a similar logo identifies high-speed Thunderbolt ports.

Apple's laptops, in turn, can charge iOS devices while asleep and on battery — if the computer in question has at least half a charge left. One extra complication comes from the different charging rates possible in USB 1.

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For example, pre Macs can't charge devices as quickly as those made since then. Finally, you can find these different breeds of USB mixed on the same laptop without necessarily seeing them labeled as such. As such, this guide explains how to turn off VoiceOver.

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It covers how to turn it off using a simple keyboard shortcut, and how to turn it off using System Preferences. The simplest way of turning off VoiceOver involves a two-button keyboard shortcut.

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Normally, this isn't a problem, since a window pops up and gives you the option of turning it back off immediately. However, this window also gives you the option of checking a box which says, "Do not show this message again," so if you've pressed this in the past you can end up turning on VoiceOver without receiving any immediately obvious notification.

A slightly more involved way of turning off VoiceOver involves going to System Preferences. That's it. Share Pin Email. Simon Chandler is former freelance contributor to Lifewire who specializes in cryptocurrency, social media, AI and more for Wired, Tech Crunch, and others.

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