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The amount of bugs we encounter with OSX compatibile games is stunning. The same game on the same laptop model on the same version of the OS will have two entirely different issues. The consistent ones we experience though are input lag issues i. It's surprising given how good the mobile gaming experience is on iOS devices. Apple's terrible handling of OpenGL has been around before Metal was a thing, doubt we'll see a turnaround anytime soon. OpenGL is in maintenance state on all platforms basically.

The only alternative they had was Vulkan. And Vulkan is not perfect either. Personally I prefer Metal to Vulkan. The OpenGL 4. And yeah, Metal is probably a better API but it is also only available on Mac which makes it a no-go for pretty much everyone outside the Apple bubble.

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Personally i'll stick with OpenGL for the time being. I do not need much of the fancy stuff newer OpenGL versions have anyway i don't do AAA-game level rendering and i do not see OpenGL being dropped any time soon from any sane platform. When it comes to Apple's stuff i'll decide between writing a small OpenGL wrapper myself for the functionality it use or just dropping the platform altogether when the time comes and they drop support for the API.

Considering they still support Carbon even if only for 32 bit programs , it might be a while until they drop OpenGL though. It's such a weird narrative. OpenGL is outdated anymore; the Khronos Group sponsored alternative to things like Metal is Vulkan, which wasn't even announced until after Metal was already shipping, much less finalized. What were Microsoft and Apple supposed to do?

Force everyone to switch over as their APIs were gaining adoption? So let me rephrase it. Mantle is inspired on what game consoles have been doing for years, so it isn't like Apple and Microsoft needed to wait for it anyway.

Pretty good at releasing paper standards, not so much creating SDKs with all the required infrastruture that other APIs offer out of the box. To be clear, I think you and I are mostly in agreement. Heck, I would go so far as to say that OpenGL as a vendor-agnostic API for consumer graphics cards might not have been possible if Microsoft hadn't forced some level of standardization across graphics card vendors in order to get Windows logo certifiation, and if Microsoft hadn't pushed Direct3D, we could all be stuck using Glide for some cards, a different API for other cards.

Yeah, I guess we are. Why does no one bother talking about eGPU behaviour with mac native games? Believe it or not, there are a few. I'm starting to get "this will stop working soon" messages on a lot of my Mac games. I assume because of the 32bit deprecation. MacOS was surprisingly good as a gaming OS, so far as game selection, but it's about to go back to the "we have Just wait for when Apple removes OpenGL.

The middleware that matters has supported Metal for about two years now.

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Middleware might have Metal support but not be used by the game nor tested. And not everyone is going to redo testing and QA on niche backend. Something else worth mentioning is how most major game engines and several game vendors have had native Metal support for some time now. This mostly benefits new games. If you want to update to for example Metal-compatible Unity, that probably means updating to the latest release, and bumping forward from Unity to Unity often breaks games.

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It's a common problem for indie developers who have to upgrade every few years since Apple loves breaking old games. Maybe something like lutris will emerge on Mac. While there are definitely games that will be lost when deprecating 32bit, I think it's harsh to say that we are going back to the olden days. If you look at the top sellers on Steam that have Mac support you'll see a very large library of great games that I don't think anyone would have guessed would be supported on Mac years ago.

How many of them are bit ready? How many that aren't are likely to ever get recompiled for bit?

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I'd bet that pretty much nothing but games currently getting regular updates are going to make the jump. Virtually of them are bit ready. In fact they require a bit OS, also on Windows. Especially in certain genres. Factorio is on the Mac and now I can't get any work done. Civ VI was impossible. This time, I got the Vega 20, and I am not disappointed.

Both games run great. Svoka 4 months ago. Was playing Dota 2 with egpu rx for a year now. Works really nice on macOS.

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Probably because it's the wrong tool for the job. If you want to play games, a Mac is easily one of the worst ways to do that. The eGPU method of bolting functionality onto a platform which doesn't want it is only neat on a technical level at best. It is essentially the world's biggest dongle. CharlesW 4 months ago. It's neat on every level. FpUser 4 months ago. It is even cooler when one considers how much those eGPU enclosures cost, never mind lack of nVidia support on those.

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But "just plugging in one USB device" wasn't even what happened in this post. There were two steps to get macOS working. For me, it's a dongle that does exactly what I want: max graphics power at home for games, less weight and better battery life when out and about for writing and light browsing.

The only reason I don't have an eGPU yet is that most of the market still seems to be making weird compromise-driven design decisions, like sharing a single Thunderbolt controller between the card and any added USB ports. Not if you're bored to tears of AAA games. Plenty of nice indies available cross platform. Does proton work on mac? I have been using it on linux for loads of AAA games like skyrim and age of empires and it has worked almost perfect.

I said they're boring, I didn't complain that I can't play them :. MacOS support was removed back in I do all of my gaming on a Mac with an eGPU and find it convenient and practical for my needs. It is much better for my use case and constraints than my previous solutions of hackintoshes, dedicated windows PCs. A dedicated windows pc is a pain.

I have separate windows installs but rebooting to win to play a game is also a huge disruption since all my other stuff is on Mac OS. Thus, I've ignored games that don't run on Mac OS for a while. In spite of buying one or three on sales. I actually feel bad about never finishing Witcher I'm playing through Witcher 3 for the second time Based on my experience, and what I've heard announced, the PS5 will be a day-1 purchase for me.

AND you don't get surprised by Windows 10 random breakages and forced updates. AND you don't have to put up with needing to register accounts to download your mouse, keyboard, and video drivers. No mods?

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No problems. I play that on my 13" mbpro with the integrated graphics decelerator The original purchaser paid that. Lightning hit it. I replaced the mobo, and 3 of the 4 hard drives.

I've had it for 10 years, upgraded to an SSD, and upgraded the video card 3 times. I played on it for years. It's now my kid's box. My point is that this all Windows is useful for, for me, now. I don't think there's any way to do this on macOS right now. Oof - I left it unfinished for more than a year. It was a true gaming delight - the DLCs are amazing as well, and, as a whole, it's easily the best game of all times for me - and I believe I played almost every significant RPG ever I found it so much more worth my time than movies or playing anything else.

It really is an exceptional game. It took me three years to finish it.