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Suggest not setting Middle-click to any Firefox or other browser specific behavior. Best if middle-click is set in your system to Enter.

Get faster at using your Mac with these great keyboard shortcuts

JavaScript is off, so "Enter" link will be inoperative. Click on " Enter test ". See mouse. The above table should be a complete list close to of built-in Firefox keyboard and mouse shortcuts, and about as many for each of the other browsers as well. For another day, find which browser and what options for showcase tab, show thumbnail of window, on link or tab, and how to remove it.

One of the Firecase options is nglayout. Firefox configuration variables relating to clicking on a link or on a bookmark.

Examples of using the Home key

If you foolishly installed Tab Mix Plus then controlled by extensions. False default : When you open a bookmark in a new tab then that tab will become the current tab. Note: you likely want to set this to the same setting value as used for browser. True : Load the new tab in the background, leaving focus on the current tab False default : Load the new tab in the foreground, taking the focus from the current tab. Note: Setting this preference to True will still bring the browser to the front when opening links from outside the browser.

The bookmark pages will be loaded in tabs that are appended to the current tabs. Menu bar and other toolbars are hidden in full screen mode, use F11 to toggle into or out of full screen mode. Toolbars hidden with an extension or in full screen mode may be made temporarily toggled into visibility by using just the Alt key appears upon Alt key release.

Safari: Alt key toggle or use action menu button gear button then Show Menu Bar or other bars. Menu Reference , Menus are where most people first learn to use an application as well as see common keyboard shortcuts. Find appears to work on styled shortcuts, and includes menu letter shortcuts. May be too fractured without cohesiveness between versions of Firefox and systems Firefox runs on as each appears to be separate lists. But it looks very good and as a wiki it can be updated by users. So would the count in the title change automatically?

How to Fix the Home and End Buttons for an External Keyboard in Mac - Make Tech Easier

Much better than other browsers which force you to use their gestures. Firefox Extensions can add quite a number of keyboard shortcuts, two listings were grabbed on in Firefox 3. The list without extensions can be compared to the same listing with extensions these are both text listings. The Launchy extension can be used to look at the page you are viewing in Firefox on a Windows system with another browser or other applications from context menu, tools menu or from a Toolbar button.

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The best MacBook for 1 day ago. The best monitor for the MacBook Pro 1 day ago. Show More. Key combination. What it does. Select all items in the front Finder window or desktop if no window is open. Navigate to the search field in an already-open Spotlight window.

6 Text Navigation Shortcuts

Open the folder that contains the current folder in a new window. Open a folder in a separate window, closing the current window. Key or key combination. Display all bootable volumes Startup Manager. Show or hide the Spotlight search field if multiple languages are installed, may rotate through enabled script systems.

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Transpose the character behind the cursor and the character in front of the cursor. Delete the word that is left of the cursor, as well as any spaces or punctuation after the word.

Show the Spotlight search results window if multiple languages are installed, may rotate through keyboard layouts and input methods within a script. Move forward to the next most recently-used application in a list of open applications. Move backward through a list of open applications sorted by recent use.

How to Use Multiple Desktops (or Spaces) on a Mac

Move focus to the next grouping of controls in a dialog or the next table when Tab moves to the next cell. Eject from secondary optical media drive if one is installed. Activate the previous open window in the frontmost application. Highlight every item in a document or window, or all characters in a text field. Boldface the selected text or toggle boldfaced text on and off.

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