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Full Coverage Apply where needed and build for full coverage and a natural finish.


Ideal for all skin types. Start by creating your custom color blend: Use the Secret Camouflage Brush sold separately , warming and mixing the two shades on the back of your hand until you find the blend that matches your skin tone. Wipe excess formula off the brush before applying; you don't need very much of this high-pigment formula.

Then use feather-light strokes to apply to the areas of the face that need covering, concealing or camouflaging. After applying with the brush, pat in gently with fingertips. For the most complete and up-to-date information, refer to the product packaging. Got questions on products, looks, tips and tricks?

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Laura Mercier. Secret Camouflage Concealer. Secret Camouflage Concealer Laura's iconic camouflage concealer features two shades in one for a customized match and full coverage, natural finish. Read more. Item No. Enjoy free 2-day shipping with any purchase.

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Live chat. Add to favourites. Facebook Twitter Pinterest. Customizable Color. Full Coverage. Natural Finish. Details Usage Ingredients Full coverage concealer that leaves skin looking natural and flawless.

Which foundation shade s match best? Were there any mistakes you had to make before getting it right? How did you correct them? If you participated in this thread last year, has anything changed about the way you wear foundation? Next time: Concealers! How do you apply and blend your foundation? I pump 2 pumps of foundation onto the back of my hand, dip a damp beauty sponge in, and blend out on my face. I never ever ever ever ever use my fingers. I don't know why, it doesn't bother me to pat my under eye concealer in with my finger tip, but I cannot handle rubbing all over face product or even cream blushes.

It just feels weird, and gross, and wasteful. So I only use a brush or a sponge. Just the sponge. I also use a big fluffy eyeshadow brush to blend my undereye concealer out. As for Finishing powder My skin is normal, but getting dry as I age, and is very acne-prone. I prefer hydrating face products for dry or acne-sensitive skin.

So powder foundations or cakey matte foundations look awful, I prefer liquid foundation or tinted moisturizer, and would prefer a slightly dewy finish. I have always considered myself a cool-toned person - blue eyes, ashy brown hair, veins look very blue not green under my skin, I freckle and burn easily.

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I wear almost exclusively cool toned clothing and silver jewelry. All that stuff puts me solidly in "cool toned skin! I am very certain MUFE Y is a perfect spot on match and that's yellow based which shocks the hell out of me. My conclusion is that I'm probably just neutral and need to avoid anything that is toned too warm or too cool at all. Application technique took a while to get the hang of. For many years I used to use a brush and hated beauty sponges. However last year I finally converted to the Sponge Life. Critical to adopting the sponge technique was figuring out how to keep it clean.

Who has time to wash makeup brushes every day?! I have about negative 10 minutes in the morning. But I am struggling with acne and I'm embarassedly aware that I need to take more care to keep my tools hygenic. The trick for me was realizing I can just clean it before I do my makeup, not after. I have to get the sponge damp anyways after all!! So my morning routine is like this: roll out of bed, grab the sponge on my way to the bathroom, quickly clean and squeeze it in the sink, then I wash my face, brush my teeth, etc etc. I keep the sponge cleaner right there at the sink next to my toothpaste and stuff.

It seems so obvious but there was a difference between "go out of my way to wash this" vs "take it with me every morning to the sink". Building that habit was the key. Now I know I am using a perfectly clean tool each day on my face. It's harder to remember to wash the rest of my brushes. Did any particular tutorials help you along the way? I don't really watch a lot of youtube. Mostly I've learned from makeup store employees using product on me and asking about what they do. I usually put it on the back of my hand or on a clean palette, then apply to my face with clean fingers or a flat foundation brush, then buff in with either a Beauty Blender or my current favourite brush right now, it's the Morphe M So huge!

Makes application a breeze! I always mix in some Make Up Forever Chromatic Yellow, because my foundations are never yellow enough to match my undertone. I have dehydrated skin with many dry patches and an oily T-zone. Dewy foundations work best for me because I like the overall glow, and I can make matte foundations work if I tweak them a little, usually with illuminating setting sprays and hydrating primers.

I have very golden yellow undertones, around NC depending on the time of year. I have yet to find a perfect match for me when I'm not tan, but when I am tan, Armani Luminous Silk 6. The biggest mistake I used to make was using heavy, matte foundations and setting my whole face with powder, trying to "fix" my oily nose.

MAC Pro Longwear Nourishing Waterproof Foundation Review

I ended up looking dreadfully caky all over, with a shiny nose that had foundation separating and coming off. Once I started using lighter coverage with a more natural to dewy finish, my nose getting oily and my foundation coming off was no longer an issue. It just looked as glowy as the rest of my face, and since it was already a more sheer coverage, my foundation just wore down with dignity and I didn't look like a patchy mess.

Not necessarily, but I remember watching one of I Covet Thee's tutorials years ago and realizing she only used one pump of foundation whereas I was using 2, 2. So I tried just using one pump, and came to realize that none of my foundations looked caky anymore. I was just applying them wrong! I'll just concealer on my nose sometimes Tends to stay put better :. I use my finger to dot it around on my face and then use a damp Real Techniques sponge to blend it out. Which foundation do you use? Having too much overwhelms me, lol. I really love this foundation.

They also have a really impressive shade range for this foundation line. What foundation formulas work best?

I can also get oily sometimes, for some reason the area above my upper lip gets super oily. I think powder foundations would cake up on me too much. Which foundation shades work best? I used to think I was warm toned but realized they were far too yellow on me. At the moment I lean towards cool and neutral toned foundation shades.

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Shade matching has always been a problem. I also used to apply my foundation with my fingers and a brush until I tried a sponge which makes a HUGE difference. Ulta now sells single Mac pumps which fit on Fit Me!

Total game changer. I don't know what's changed from then so it might not work , but it's worth a shot if you really want a pump on your foundation. If I'm using a tinted moisturizer my fingers, and if I'm using anything heavier a beauty blender. I like the it cosmetics flat top brush for foundation but only if I'm trying to do really targeted thin layers with a thicker foundation. I am combo leaning oily but I find that I prefer natural to dewy finishes. I tried for so long to use matte products but they always end up looking cakey on my dry to dehydrated patches.

People more often compliment my skin when it leans more oilier and then when it's a matte foundation people notice that I'm wearing foundation.