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However, before you make the decision to purchase Windows and install it on your Mac, you'll want to double check that your Mac is compatible with the Windows version you are planning to run. Use this handy reference from Apple to determine which versions of Windows your Mac is compatible with. Once you have the appropriate version of Windows, you now need to decide whether you would like to install it with Boot Camp or Parallels.

Boot Camp makes a separate partition on your computer's hard drive think of it as splitting your hard drive into two separate parts specifically for installing and running windows. Upon launching the Boot Camp Assistant app, you have the option to change how large this partition is.

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Once Windows is installed in Boot Camp, every time you turn on your computer, you will be asked to select the operating system you would like to run. If you decide to use Parallels Desktop, you first need to purchase both the Parallels program and your Windows operating system.

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The current version of Parallels Desktop is Parallels Once you purchase, download and install Parallels, you can open the program and install your Windows operating system within it. Much like Boot Camp, you decide how much space you want to allocate toward Windows, but unlike Boot Camp, you can easily change these storage options after installation.

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Parallels runs like any other app on your Mac. When it is up and running, you see an entire Windows desktop within a window on your Mac you can obviously full screen the program as well. This makes switching back and forth between systems incredibly easy.

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If you have an older computer with less than 4GB of RAM, you probably want to go with Boot Camp as you will notice decreased performance running Parallels. My personal recommendation is that if you have a computer with enough RAM and a processor to handle it, go with Parallels. I find it easier to use and the ability to run Windows apps in Coherence Mode is awesome - giving you the best of both operating system worlds. Thanks for reading! If you have any questions about Boot Camp, Parallels, virtualization or anything else, leave us a comment below or hit us up on our web chat!

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If you need help installing Windows on your Mac , our Apple Technicians are able to help you out. Nick is the store manager of CityMac in the Issaquah Highlands. He is a Western Washington University graduate with a degree in business adminstration and marketing. In addition to managing the Issaquah store, Nick is the editor-in-chief of the CityMac blog, www.

The Boot Camp Assistant app guides you through the install process Completely free! All you have to do is buy Windows and not any additional software Free and easy updates Disadvantages Once you partition the hard drive, you cannot adjust the partition size. Resuming from auto-pause was very fast as well. Version 14 brings many new features to Parallels Desktop. One of the ones I was most excited about is optimized file sizes for your Windows 8 and 10 virtual machines. While 18 GB might not sound like a lot, if you are storing more than a couple virtual machines, that amount can start to add up quickly.

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Even at just three virtual machines, Parallels Desktop 14 would save me 54 GB. So what else is new? There are actually 50 new features. If I was to sum it up in one sentence: Parallels Desktop 14 feels very light. Everything is just fluid. For IT departments who deploy virtualization software to their users, the overhauled design Licensing Portal is a great way to simplify management of your users who need to run Linux, Windows, or additional copies of macOS.

You can invite users via e-mail to set up an account. You can deploy the application using Jamf Pro , and you can replace existing virtual machines as well. This section was one of the more interesting ones to work through in my head. As a long time Fusion user, I wondered — how different could it be?

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What I found was that everything about Parallels felt a lot smoother than Fusion. Fusion feels heavy and slow where Parallels was more fluid.

Using Parallels 14 feels like it could be built into macOS, and it was developed by Apple. Everything just feels native and well thought out. Your usage may vary depending on the current virtual machine setup you have now, but I encourage you to download the day trial. If you have the storage space, you can easily import one of your existing Fusion VMs to try it out.

After using it for the past two weeks, I am a convert. Like I said, I was prepared to be underwhelmed by the app, but I am sold on it now. Parallels Toolbox is included with your purchase of Parallels It has a way to download audio and video from websites, quickly lock your screen, prevent your computer from going to sleep, and much more. In all, it contains 30 useful utilities.

Version 14 is a paid upgrade if you are a perpetual license holder. You can buy Parallels Desktop 14 for Mac by visiting their website.