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You are in bridge mode?

How to Assign Names to MAC Addresses displayed by Airport Extreme and Time Capsule

That explains it. Hard to help as your modem is surely different than mine and each has its own set of settings. So im willing to do the work and reading anything is helpful.

So look for documentation and such. All Rights Reserved. As always thanks alot Gary!

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Follow these steps first

There're 2 of them in there that I'm not sure - how they get in there? Goals I would like to both of them out.

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I also want to block a certain MAC Address for future access. On your airport extreme you can block certain mac address for good with "No Access".

how to set up port forwarding on a router mac apple airport extreme for tenvis ip camera

Confirmed this works on a 5th generation airport running version 7. Featured on Meta.


Can you set up the airport express to filter by mac address?

Some routers and other network devices rely on MAC address to uniquely differentiate other devices. It will detect our Airport Extreme in the network, probably more than one. Click on the device you want to observe and it will show a pop-up display with the device name. Hover your mouse on the device name and it will show another pop-up display with the device model and three MAC addresses for ethernet, 2.

QA AirPort Extreme Base Station

Similar information will be displayed. Supposedly the same guide also applies for Apple Airport Express. Please do let me know if it works for you.